Frequently Asked Questions

What is MPa?
MPa is the metric unit for pressure or stress called megapascal. The term is used in concrete as the common unit for compressive strength and is measured at 28 days after mixing. In simple terms it’s the concrete strength
How thick do I need concrete?
Min 100mm as long as it has a good compressed base
Do I need reo?
Yes and has to be in top 50% of concrete.
Is structural fibre as strong as reo?
Yes as long as the dose rate is correct.
How high and wide are your trucks?
Every truck in our fleet is different, we have stickers on all our trucks showing the height, width and length. This is something you can discuss when you call about your specific job.
Does coloured concrete fade?
Yes if not sealed every 12 months.
How long before I can drive on fresh concrete?
Weather dependant usually 5 days.
Do you deliver and lay the concrete?

Yes, we do deliver concrete. However you will need to arrange the services of a concretor to lay it for you. We can give you the phone numbers for several well respected local concretors.

Do I need to book in for a delivery?
Yes usually 4 days in advance.
Can you look at the job for me?
Yes more than happy to check out job sites.
How long do we have to empty truck on job site?

Depending on load size about 30 minutes.

How do we pay for concrete?
Credit card, cash, cheques or direct deposit 3 working days before delivery.
What are your hours?
6.30am to 3.30 pm unless prior arrangement’s