Premix Concrete Supplier

If you are searching for a concrete supplier then you’ve found the right business, give Kennedy Haulage a call on (03) 5134 2914 for a quote.

We supply a variety of Concrete products including:

  • Pre-mixed concrete
  • Coloured concrete – see colour range
  • Exposed concrete
  • Special class concrete

Do you find mixing concrete tricky and time-consuming? No need to worry – We arrange delivery of pre-mixed concrete using maxi and twin trucks; whichever is most appropriate for your project.

We also supply a variety of aggregates that can be mixed into your concrete, including:

We recycle any left over concrete from jobs by pouring it at our depot, letting it harden, breaking it up then taking it to the quarry to be used in certain quarry materials.

Kennedy Haulage – Your Local Concrete and Quarry Material Suppliers

 * Please note, The quarries supply Blue Rock but cannot supply stones for exposed aggregate. The stones for exposed aggregate are mixed at the concrete plants

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