1. Concrete ordered under Australian Standard Specifications will be supplied of a standard not less than that prescribed by the relevant specification.

2. Any obligation to supply is entered into upon the express condition that the company shall not be liable for delay in delivery resulting from any cause beyond its control.

3. The price quoted is per cubic metre delivered for the minimum load stipulated. The price quoted is for delivery during the company’s business hours and any delivery outside these times may incur a surcharge. The quote is open for acceptance for a period of 60 days.

4. The company accepts no responsibility in respect of any defect which may develop in any concrete supplied if water is added to the concrete, either before or after discharge from the delivery unit without the sanction of the Company engineer or representative, or if an admixture has been used in the concrete at the customer’s request of specification.

5. It should be expressly understood that concrete supplied to the customer is sold at point of delivery from the company vehicles. The Company accepts no responsibility in respect to any defect which may develop on any concrete supplied which is due to faulty handling, placing or curing of concrete by the customer or to faulty or defective job practices. The Company will not recognise test results from concrete supplied by them unless the concrete is sampled at the point of delivery in accordance with current relevant Australian Standards.

6. Delivery must be accepted and effected by the customer as soon as possible from the time of arrival of the delivery vehicle at the site, otherwise the Company shall be compensated for any time held on site over 30 minutes at the Company’s waiting time rate for the time being in force.

7. Unless prior agreement is reached the Company undertakes to deliver and the customer to receive the concrete at kerb alignment. The delivery vehicle will only enter the job area to facilitate unloading at the customers sole risk and responsibility and at the absolute discretion of the truck driver.

8. The customer must be present at the delivery site and must sign the delivery docket to acknowledge the product and quantities delivered are correct. The mix specification will be detailed on the face of the delivery docket and customers must check the delivery docket with the concrete specifications supplied to the company. The Company will accept no responsibility if this check is not made at the time of delivery.

9. If the customer is not present at the delivery site, the signature of the driver on the delivery docket shall be prima facie evidence of delivery to the customer of the product and quantity described on the delivery docket, including any applicable surcharges.

10. The signing of the final delivery docket (total order m3) of the concrete pour shall be recognised as acceptance of individual deliveries on previous dockets, forming part of the progressive total at that stage of the same pour.

11. Credit is granted to approved accounts only. It is part of the contract that payment shall be made within the month following delivery.

12. Quotations are based on prices current for goods and services at date of quotation only. Any price quoted for premixed concrete and accepted is subject to alteration without notice due to material costs or wages adjustments.

13. Unless otherwise stated on the face of the delivery docket, cement complying with current Australian Standards is used in all deliveries.

14. In the event of orders placed for concrete being cancelled, the customer must accept all costs incurred by the company up to the time of cancellation. The company’s assessment of these costs to be accepted as final.




15. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that it understands and accepts that:

  • Decorative Concrete is supplied in a plastic state which comprises of cement, aggregates, coloured pigments additives, and admixtures mixed in accordance with the customer’s selection.
  • All aggregates and other materials used in Decorative Concrete are subject to natural variations which could cause variation to the colour in the finished product. Any brochure depicting Decorative Concrete is only indicative of the colours that can be achieved by the customer or their selected contractor.

16. To the extent permitted by law the company accepts no responsibility for poor placement, finishing practices and the final appearance, texture and colour of any finished Decorative Concrete product.